Vogel USA packaging is both recyclable and refundable

Want extra money for your shooting habit?

Vogel USA is offering a  refund on
its unique packaging.

We are offering a $5 cash rebate for the entire sleeve packaging as shown in the photo (right). For many clubs or school programs, this amounts to a $200-$400 extra amount in the club budget that has been going into the trash.

To return the packaging to us and receive your refund it, it must be in its clean unaltered state. 

Ideally, clubs or programs attending national events such as JROTC championships, USASNC, Junior Olympics or other championships, attended by Vogel USA staff, may bring their packaging and the exchange can be made at that time. Shipping or other arrangements can be made as well.

Vogel USA will also buy the lead sweeps from your airgun range. Because of the weight of lead versus its value, it is definitely best to bring this residue with you when driving to a championship.

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Monteagle, TN 37356
email: info@vogelusa.com