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About Vogel USA

Vogel USA manufactures US Made airgun ammunition in Colorado Springs, CO. The company has a long history of producing quality products at an affordable price. In 2017, Vogel USA was purchased and re-located to its facility in Colorado Springs, CO. The equipment and machinery underwent an upgrade and capacity was expanded dramatically. New machinery was also added to the company alongside advanced manufacturing practices. The company underwent its ISO 9001:2015 Aerospace certification in 2019.

For our longtime customers, thank you for your continued support. For those of you who are new to the Vogel Brand, we want to invite you to be a part of the Vogel family. Feel free to call us at (719) 354-2555 or email us at info@vogelusa.com

Please note: Vogel USA was purchased in its entirety from Pilkington Competition in 2017. All sales and distribution are conducted through Vogel USA or its affiliates. Visit us online at vogelusa.com for up-to-date product and sales information.

Quality manufacturing

We manufacture pellets in the USA with entirely USA-sourced materials. Our raw materials, tooling, and more are all MADE IN THE USA. We support US-based manufacturing and this imitative allows us to produce quality products at a competitive market price for our customers. Our quality control procedures include six-sigma DMAIC procedures. We are also ISO 9001:2015 Certified for small arms ammunition manufacturing. We continually improve our processes and equipment to bring you the very best in both our products and service.

Careful packing

At Vogel, we ensure your order is packed with care and ensure that tins and packaging are not damaged upon shipment. We understand the frustration of damaged products. To that end, we go through extensive effort to ensure your order is packed properly from the start and that your product is received in good condition.
Please allow us to demonstrate our quality products, MADE IN THE USA.

Private Label/Custom Airgun Pellets

Vogel USA offers custom manufacturing of pellets for select markets. If your business is looking to create a unique and special pellet, we would like to have a discussion with you. We’ll review your individual product needs and discover if your project is an appropriate fit.

Examples of custom pellets include:

  • Various pellet shapes, calibers, and weights.
  • Different pellet geometries.
  • Private label products.
  • Other special projects.

We ensure quality through the following processes:

  • Six-Sigma, DMAIC philosophy, and practices.
  • ISO quality standards and a full quality management system ensure quality products and practices.
  • High-quality machining techniques and mold development.
  • Advanced R&D work.
  • Solid model design services, simulations and more!
  • Lead flow analysis and more!

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We ISO 9001:2015 Certified.