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Vogel pellets are the best pellets in the world today. These pellets have won Gold medals at events around the world and in 2005 were used to win the NCAA Air Rifle Championships at the Olympic Training Center. Every year many college teams use Vogels to selectively test their rifles.

When you are shooting Vogels, you know you are shooting the very best pellets made. The rest is up to you. Vogel pellets are available in a full range of sizes including half sizes such as 4.495.

Vogel is not a new name to those in the know about pellets. Their equipment is used by a number of the top manufacturers. Several years ago they decided to make their own range of pellets.

Vogel Match LG - Green label - for pre-charged and CO2 airguns. Pellet weight is .53 grams.
Vogel Sport - Orange label - excellent practice pellets. Unbelievable accuracy.

VOGEL PELLETS come in the following sizes:

  • 4.49mm
  • 4.495mm (Green label Match only)
  • 4.50m

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